2021 Trends in Java Development

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Live Webinar, January 28

Find out what tools, technologies, and languages are most used by Java developers. In the 2021 Java Developer Productivity Report, we surveyed over 800 Java developers on their day-to-day work to understand common pain points and challenges to productivity and performance. With this information in hand, Java teams can make informed decisions about their own development process going forward.

About the Webinar

Join Curtis Johnson, Product Manager at JRebel, as he discusses key findings from the 2021 Java Developer Productivity Report, including:

  • Biggest challenges in microservices development
  • Changes in Java technology usage
  • Time spent on CI/CD and the most common CI/CD technologies

About the Report

The 2021 report provides key insights on the application architectures, frameworks, tools, and application servers Java developers are using. New to this report is a year-over-year comparison from the 2020 report, along with insights on what these changes mean for the future of development.

Your Presenter

Curtis Johnson

Product Manager, JRebel by Perforce

Curtis is the Product Manager for JRebel and XRebel at Perforce. A self-proclaimed "social nerd," Curtis loves helping developer teams see the benefit of our tools and ensure continual satisfaction with our applications.

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Thursday, January 28
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Thursday, 28 January
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